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If you knew your wish would never come true, what would push you to keep on going?

Ever since Tommy's disappearance, his sister Yonny has been searching for him. One day, she finds a toy phone that connects her and her friend to a world constructed of past memories, allowing them to delve into the private thoughts of others and uncover the truth surrounding Tommy's disappearance.

Recall: Empty Wishes is a suspenseful story-driven adventure based in Taiwan in the 2010s, centering around the desires and memories shared between a brother and sister, their family and friends in school.

What could have caused Tommy Lin, a smart considerate boy, to suddenly disappear?

Pick up the toy handset and let it guide you back in time and uncover the truth...

Immersive story based on the culture of Taiwanese students in the 2010s

Non-linear storytelling that combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and horror

Multiple character perspectives with alternate points of view and narration